Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Art Center! The Art Center’s ability to provide artists and the community with quality exhibits, programs, events, workshops and classes depends in part upon the generosity of caring community members, like you, who provide financial and volunteer support.
“Everyone can be great, because anyone can serve.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Volunteer Descriptions


Function: To help with exhibits. This may include assistance in producing programs, producing labels, decorating, bringing a dish to the reception, cleaning both before and after the reception, etc.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 5 – 10
Time Commitment: Flexible

Exhibit Installation

Function: To assist in hanging art exhibits.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 4 – 6
Time Commitment: Flexible


Function: To help organize and assist with fundraising activities at The Art Center.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 – 3
Time Commitment: Flexible

Street Team

Function: Grab some flyers, grab some friends and hit the streets and distribute flyers!
Number of Volunteers Needed: 5 – 12
Time Commitment: Variable

Spirit Cafe

Function: To assist in promoting and running the Spirit Cafe. This includes preparing and distributing flyers, helping to raise funds for musical equipment, cleaning-up after Spirit Cafe, etc. This is a great, fun way to meet musicians, artists, writers, and poets!
Number of Volunteers Needed: 2 – 4
Time Commitment: Friday nights between 7 – 10pm.

Front Desk Attendant

Function: To mind the front desk during gallery hours. Responsibilities include cheerfully greeting visitors and artists as they enter The Art Center and answering any questions the public or artists may have.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 – 2 daily
Time Commitment: Flexible depending on volunteer availability.


Function: To pose for art classes, artists, fashion shows, etc.
Number of Volunteers Needed: Variable
Time Commitment: Depending upon project.


Function: To photocopy and assemble bulk mailings.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 3 – 6
Time Commitment: Three hours once a month.


Function: Vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, dusting, etc.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 3 – 4
Time Commitment: Two hours a month.


Function: Organizing and keeping track of library books.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 – 2
Time Commitment: Four hours a month.

Volunteer Telephone Tree

Function: Organizing a volunteer telephone tree. Responsibilities include compiling names and numbers of volunteers, coordinating a system for contact, publishing the list, and periodically updating it for accuracy.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1
Time Commitment: Minimal & Flexible.


Function: This includes creating, designing and implementing creative arts classes for children and/or adults. This can be after school or during evening/weekend hours.
Number of Volunteers Needed: Unlimited
Time Commitment: Flexible


Function: To provide labor and expertise in constructing equipment, props, and furniture for The Art Center.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 – 2
Time Commitment: Flexible


Function: To assist in painting walls in between art exhibits.
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1 – 2
Time Commitment: Variable


Function: The Art Center is always open to the creative ideas of our members and community. If there is a particular interest you have that is not already listed, please contact The Art Center to discuss it.
Number of Volunteers Needed: Endless
Time Commitment: Flexible