Trump Just Told The FBI Something That Might Get Hillary LOCKED UP For Good

Donald Trump hasn’t given up his desire to lock up Hillary Clinton. The only problem is, he can’t do it himself. He needs some help — and he’s asking for it directly.

During an interview with Larry O’Connor on WMAL, Trump claimed to be “very unhappy” with the FBI’s progress on investigating Clinton after it was revealed that her campaign funded Fusion GPS’ Russian dossier. Trump also reiterated that the information contained in the dossier was totally “fake.” “Hopefully [the FBI] are doing something,” Trump said about an investigation into Clinton’s involvement. “At some point maybe we’re all going to have it out. ”While Trump acknowledges he can’t control the FBI’s decision-making, these comments make his opinion very clear. He wants Hillary Clinton investigated RIGHT NOW.



Trump could just let the issue go, as most mainstream media organizations have been forced to admit that the dossier contains many falsehoods about the president, but that’s not his style. Clinton’s involvement in the funding of the dossier is likely ILLEGAL — and Trump isn’t going to allow her to remain above the law any longer.

She got away with a litany of crimes when Barack Obama was in office, but there’s a new sheriff in town — and he’s not gonna let her get away with her crimes any longer. Trump just needs the FBI to get onboard.