CNN Reporter Breaks Her Silence, Admits BEAUTIFUL Thing About Melania And Barron Trump

The liberal media can’t stop ridiculing Melania Trump. They like to call her “miserable” and “complicit” in what they consider her husband’s terrible agenda. Even her anti-bullying campaign gets ravaged by the press. But one CNN reporter who covers the First Lady hasn’t been able to conform to the media-approved narrative.

In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, the Kate Bennett admitted that the First Lady isn’t “miserable” like her colleagues at CNN like to claim. She’s just “quiet” — and a very passionate mother.


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“From what I’ve observed, she really connects well and seems to come alive in a joyful way when she’s around kids. I think we saw that on her trip to Europe this Spring when she visited sick children in hospitals and went to schools. It was the most we’ve seen from and heard from her. I’ve also learned that she has a side to her that’s very mom-focused,” the reporter said of the First Lady.

“I think people categorize Melania as a whole. They say she doesn’t want to be here, she doesn’t deign to touch the White House. I think those people would be surprised by just how opposite [of that] she is.”

This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone who actually pays attention to the First Lady. Her passion for Barron is unmistakable. She even refused to pull her son out of school mid-semester because she wanted him to have a smooth transition.


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Of course, the media used this as fodder to claims she hated her husband and wanted nothing to do with his administration. Once she finally moved, they focused on garbage like the appropriateness of her shoes and whether she hates her job as First Lady.

But her shoes are fabulous and she LOVES the White House — and Bennett agrees. Melania has style and passion for her job.

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It’s hard being a working mom, but Melania does it like a CHAMP!


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